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     Elfriede Lieder Weiser
     C/. Muralla de la Carcel, 1,4º,1ª
     08302 Mataró (España)
     Tel.: (0034) 93 79 90 767
     Mobile: (0034) 699 569 945


We offer translation services with technical know-how

About my person

Born in Germany but have now Spanish nationality, I came to Spain in 1969, at the time I couldn’t exercise my real profession as medical assistant. The most logical thing was than ..... use my knowledge of languages. So I started working as a technical interpreter, doing the coordination at fairs and congresses, translating at board meetings of companies as well as translating catalogs for them.

In that time, my main point of interest was the area of technical translations, machines, but also the automobile and metallurgic industry. I was immediately inspired with this logical theme, which was easy for me to understand. This was the reason than to constitute my own and independent company.

About us:

We are a small, but very efficient team. Among others, I have a very big support with Manfred Leister, living more than 40 years in Spain. His speciality is creating Website and their translations, also supporting me with any technical and computer questions.

Our success is based on an absolute credibleness, delivery on time and our know how.

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