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     Elfriede Lieder Weiser
     C/. Muralla de la Carcel, 1,4º,1ª
     08302 Mataró (Spain)
     Tel.: (0034) 93 79 90 767
     Mobile: (0034) 699 569 945



Translation services
on the spot

(conferences, communities of owners, training on machines and individual interpretation services) for
45,00 €/hour.

Each day brings increased opportunity in the international business.

We listen and effectively respond to your needs and those of your clients. We are experts in technical Translations.
We listen and effectively respond to your needs
* Mechanical Engineering
* Automotive Engineering
* Heavy Machinery
* Construction Equipment
* Industrial Facilities,
* Industrial Systems & Equipment
* Oil & Gas Industry
* Naval Engineering
* Construction & Public Works
* Operating & Maintenance Manuals
* Engineering Materials
* Technical Literature
Technical translation on fairs like: Construmat, Salón del Automóbil, Salón Náutico, EuroBlech, Maquitec etc....
We offer transaltions with technical know-how
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