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     Elfriede Lieder Weiser
     C/. Muralla de la Carcel, 1,4º,1ª
     08302 Mataró (España)
     Tel.: (0034) 93 79 90 767
     Mobile: (0034) 699 569 945


We promise that we will do our best that your deadline will be met, provided that your texts are sent in an open code. The prices depend on the volume and difficulty.

In case of more than 100 pages we can arrange a discount. Translation of webpages (htm/html, .php, .asp, .xml) have a surcharge of 20%..Our prices depend on several factors:

 - source and target languages
 - delivery deadlines
 - technical difficulties of the text
 - total volume
 - one-time translation or ongoing project
 - etc.


As the final price depends on various factors we would kindly ask you to send us your text amd we will reply within 24 hours to give you an exact quote.

Additional charges
Urgent translations f.e. over the weekend may have a surcharge of up to 30%

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